"LITTLE FEET is the first great film of 2014" - Indiewire


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Available on Fandor and Vimeo December 12th


  • Indiewire Jan 10, 2014

    "LITTLE FEET is the first great film of 2014"

  • Hollywood Reporter Sep 6, 2013

    "A micro-budgeted delight that could have been made at the dawn of the Sundance indie boom...Certainly young Nico, with his infectious smile and unruly spirit, could hold his own in a charisma showdow with Quvenzhané Wallis"

  • Variety Jan 25, 2014

    "Alexandre Rockwell plunges directly into the wildly unpredictable logic of childhood with this black-and-white gem."

  • Slant Dec 8, 2014

    "Tender and moving and occasionally explosive in its intrinsic emotion...Suggesting a Jarmuscian bedtime story."

  • The New York Times Dec 11, 2014

    "[Innocence is] a cloak against the random dangers of the adult world... the enchantment of the siblings’ worldview pervades every frame."

  • NPR Dec 11, 2014

    "Far from being precisely molded to elicit an emotional response, Little Feet is content to let the pieces fall more haphazardly and to seek resonance in small moments rather than grand, dramatic gestures."



A couple of young kids living in Los Angeles (played by Rockwell's children Nico and Lana), decide that they want to see "the river." Setting out alone, their encounters along the way provide the heart and soul of the movie. Moments of wordless play are interspersed with the camera exploring the city as if through the eyes of his youthful protagonists.

LITTLE FEET is not a film just about children, it is a film whose light is the light of childhood. In the opening moments, we see seven-year old Lana watching after her four-year old brother. The children laugh and play, while Lana improvises the role of caretaker (cutting Nico’s hair, preparing their meals and putting her brother to bed). They live out of sight from the adult world. When Lana puts their weary father to bed we see in her stoic and sad eyes the profound sadness of a lonely child who is being asked to grow up too soon: the children’s mother has died and left them on their own. Nico is too young to comprehend the full weight of the loss and continues to “see Mommy” in his dreams and in the water of his bath. And thus begins the strange and beautiful adventure that is LITTLE FEET.

The Team

Alexandre Rockwell, Director

"I made LITTLE FEET to find my way back to my pure love of motion pictures. I wanted to film actors I loved. They turned out to be my children. My daughter, Lana, and son, Nico, were at an age where almost anything they did was poetic. I was fascinated watching them and listening to them whisper to imagined friends and scary beasts at night. My story was simple and based on the idea that each day a child wakes up and is left to their own devices, a great adventure can unfold. I collected a small crew that included waiters and waitresses from restaurants where I wrote, to people I met in the parks I took my children to. The cameraman, David Walter Lech, was playing with his two-year-old daughter in the park across the street from my house.

We spent our last dollars on old cans of film and jumping fences to catch the fading light. We shot all over the back alleys and hidden corners of old Los Angeles like hobos at the Queens Ball. I was behind the camera most of the time and in doing that I was able to direct my attention to what fascinated me. I often forgot that I was filming and just observed life as it was happening. All the fascination I had for filmmaking returned. I was in the spirit."



Director: Alexandre Rockwell 
Producer: Alexandre Rockwell, Laurel Parmet and Flannery Lunsford 
Production Company: Black Horse 
Principal Cast: Lana Rockwell, Nico Rockwell, Rene Cuante-Bautista 
Screenplay: Alexandre Rockwell 
Cinematographer: David Walter Lech and Alexandre Rockwell 
Editor: Alexandre Rockwell 
Sound: Ben Keepers


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