Netflix: “Rebelde” releases new trailer of its new version


Netflix has just released the final trailer for “Rebelde”, the new adaptation of the Mexican franchise with a completely different story, where the new generation of Elite Way School students will have to demonstrate their musical talent in order to win the anxiety Battle of the Bands

However, not everything will be new in this version, since it has been confirmed that it will have the participation of Estefanía Villareal, again playing Celina and Karla Cossío, who returns as Pilar Gandía, one of the former students of the Elite Way School.

The story will take us to the new group of freshmen, who will try to find the best members to form their own bands while a secret society (the lodge) seems to be back in the EWS to thwart the musical aspirations of the new students.

One such group is made up of the self-centered Luka Colucci, the famous pop star Jana Cohen, the talented songwriter Esteban, the confident drummer Andi, the friendly rapper Dixón and the cheerful and innocent MJ, who along with the other bands, will be evaluated. by Sebastián Langarica and Emilia, two of the school’s most outstanding students.

The first season of “Rebelde” will arrive on January 5, 2022, through Netflix.

Watch Trailer on Youtube:

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