Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234: Manga Discussion and Warning Spoilers


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 Manga Discussion and Spoiler. Terano lies dead on the floor and as time goes on, Takemichi may also suffer the same fate in the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234.

Things got out of hand and Mikey had turned the tide of the war almost alone.

There was no one on the battlefield who didn’t expect him to be a prominent figure but his terrifying strength even exceeded the expectations of his members.

The fight between Terano and Kawargi ends halfway when Mikey gets in between. He had been observing the war from the sidelines for a long time, but now that he stepped inside, it seemed that things were better off with him on the sidelines.

Terano was definitely a vicious foe and we all wanted to see his death at some point but the vicious way Mikey beat him to death must have been too much for even his sins.

After Terano died and Takemichi’s arm was broken by Mikey, Hajime realized he had to be stopped or more victims would appear.

He declared Kantou Manji Gang the victor of that war because the Brahman Gang was defeated by Terano South and then he was defeated by Mikey.

The logic was correct but the Brahman gang still hadn’t accepted their defeat so it would be interesting to see how the war progressed from this point forward.

Tokyo Revengers is in its final phase and we may see the end of this adventure soon.

Our crybaby hero Takemichi and our favorite captain Mikey are now finally up against each other and things are definitely not looking good for Takemichi.

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Mikey’s Dark Drive has completely taken over him and if it doesn’t stop soon he will regret it forever.

Tokyo Revengers 234 discussion

Unrivaled, Terano South lies dead on the floor and from the looks of it, Mikey is more than ready to kill even Takemichi.

Let’s discuss some of these signs and topics related to the upcoming Tokyo Revenges Chapter 234.

Who Will Be The One To Stop Mikey Now

Mikey had now set his sights on Takemichi and from the looks of it, nothing could stop him. Even a monster like Terano South lay on the ground in the blink of an eye.

He had broken Takemichi’s arm with a kick and was now punching him viciously.

Not many dared step in between to stop Takmichi but there was a possibility that Kawaragi Senju would step in between. As we already know that he already really likes it and he also has a promise to keep.

Though there was a high chance that even Kawaragi wouldn’t be enough to stop him now.

Takemichi had already had a vision where he saw Senju lying on the floor badly injured so this time even his vision might come true in the upcoming Tokyo Revengers 234.

Tokyo Manji Gang Member

Tokyo Manji gang members like Pah, Mitsuya, Smiley, and Angry have almost all retired but the time has come when they might appear again.

The Tokyo Manji gang was resolved by Mikey to save them from certain death but now he has become the reason for their fear.

There’s very little chance, we might get to see them step back on the battlefield once again. Takemichi is the one who will carry Shinichiro Sano’s will so that he can’t die yet.

The war has been predictable until now but from now on we can only hope and guess what the author thinks to bring us in the chapters to come.

Tokyo Revengers 234 Release Schedule

The story moves very quickly and even though we have the victor of the war, the war seems to be never ending. After the Tenziku war, the war between the three gods will be the biggest until now.

The Draken is dead and there’s nothing Mikey can call his family anymore.

Possible release in English version on December 08, 2021. Adaptation to USA will take 4-5 hours after release. The latest chapter will be released on the website. You can read all the chapters at this link Read the Manga Tokyo Revengers in English.

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